So it is the end...

So, 7 days in tokyo past, and im now sitting in the plane from moscow to austria. Im glad tob e back home, even if i had some nice days in japan! I think i will grow alot on this journey and i think i will notice that the next year. Now its been to many new things and impressions that i cant swallow it all. Im sitting with the feeling of havent seen nothing, tho i know that is not true. Japan is an amazin country with some well polite and friendly people. I only met one annoyed japanese in the time i was there. And not to talk about how clean it was there. In the mornings at 7 they start cleaning the streets, and its not like garbage or something, ist if some leafs or so fell down in the night, they remove it. So the streeta looks like brand new the whole time. I think it must be the most clean country ive ever been, and austria is pretty good aswell so that says alot. Well i dont know how they do it, because i was walking for 25 minutes home from the city without finding one waste container and had to carry my drink with me the whole way to throw it away in the hotel room. Not to talk about the wending machines they have. Its not like one or two every 1 km, nooo there is like 5 standing next to eachother and 50 meters down the street another 5. And next to it is a container to throw away the cola boxes etc. And one day i saw the guy who works picking these up and emptying them. He was driving on a motorcycle with a lot of bags and he had to get every single out of there and squeese it until it got flat! Amazing i think, not many europeans would do that for a living. I truly find it amazing! Like the people standing in front of the train checking that noone runs on the train or so. And did i tell, its not like in austria where you can take the metro number 4 or 6 in one direction and when you want to go back you take the same number in the other direction. No, in tokyo you then need to take a completely different Line/Number. And in some trains they didnt have ANY information on english and the names of the stations were written in japanese.. Yey! So like i had to learn that ist different types of companies owning the metro, and the subway and the train. And so you had to pick up a ticket sometimes 4 times in one direction, to get where you want. And to cheat is not possible, beacuse you have to get thru a door on the way out which scan your ticket and you simply dont get out if you have been driving to far. Some times i had to pay, simply because i couldnt figure out the machines where the ENGLISH menu button also was written on japanese. And so on.. In Austria when you walk in the street, or in the stairs or so you go anywhere, but in tokyo everyone went on the left side, so no people crashed like you know you do when running for a train or bus in a full station in austria or norway. The first day i always went on the right side and i crashed with everyone, but then i also learned. They are also not fond of, when you walk in the rollingstairs or what its called, they even say over the speaker in the malls, that you should please not walk and stand still and hold on the side. Funny. Would so not work in europe. Also i had some problems going out to eat. First time in the restaurant i got the check but they never came to collect the money, but after some days i found out that you take the check with you and pay on the way out. Excellent really, because you dont need to wait for slow people working. And the portions there are also alot smaller, atleast it seems like it. What i actually think is nice, since going out in Austria i can almost never finish my plate if i order pasta, but in tokyo i got a perfect amount. So i found out what was up with the umbrellas, but then you also got this tons of small towels in every colour, and every design, and i was wondering, do they really need so many of theese??? I mean, i have some home to wash my face to, but this was extreme. Then i found out the last three days that the japanese takes this with them when going out, drying the swet of their face and neck! And it comes in hello kitty, barbie, moomie, Snoopy, Anime, you name it. And in disneyland people where walking with towels around their neck for the sweating. A yes, and tokyo i guess is one of the few countries where men can where tshirts with snoopy and moomie without looking like a little boy! They where selling them in almost every fashion-store! So what more do i have to tell? My luggage who was almost empty is now full, most gibt’s for family tho. And i was lucky finding some department stores having sale, so some summerclothes for me also. The rest of the money was used today at the airport, and now im broke. Hehe, but i have had 7 days where i didnt have to worry about money and could enjoy myself going to expensive cafes and well, i think some of the restaurants have different prizes fort he foreigners but i guess this is no news With me all the time i had this little book writing things i felt in, mp3 player full of music thanks to julian, after day one an umbrella, my wallet, and that was it! I never felt at danger in tokyo, and i never had the feeling that i had to watch out for my bag or my wallet, even if using a handbag without a zipper. I can also recoment the hotel: google Hotel Graphy Nezu Tokyo. It was an appartment hotel with a nice cafe, and sharing bathrooms. I was not sure how that would be, but it was even cleaner than my bathroom at home, so that was no problem. The rooms where very nice and not that small. I accpected alot less space. I got a big fridge in the room and a desk and the bed and a big mirror. Downstairs you could use a huge kitchen with modern design and a livingroom with the biggest tv ive seen. Tho im not that of a socializer so i mostly stayed in my room when i was home. But i never felt alone, and i felt safe! Even tho i lived in a part of the city where people say ist „more dangerous“, well i wasnt strolling the streets at 2 am, so.. Most oft he people in the hotel lived there for months, i dont know why, but i guess erasmus-students or something. Still the people where nice and always helping, tho they didnt know much english. At the end oft he week tho i started understanding some of what they ment when they pointed me in the right direction when asking for the way. But i was still happy everytime i heard some tourist speek german. Mostly the tourists being in the part where i was got lost or something, normally i was the only one. And i kinda liked it. I dont like all the tourist things, i guess i got that from my parents. Still at the last two days taking the metro or the subway without a problem, going pass the ones who was struggling with the machines and looking all tourist i felt abit «pro» haha.. As far as a norwegian with blond dreads can melt in in the japanese landscape. So for the music that has been following me on this trip. Google: Millions of Dreads and Lindsey Stirling. The last one being an exceptional violin player, and even makes me want to start again. Thanks for following me on this amazing trip! So long – Maria

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