The last three days...

So i havent been writing the last three days, its been kinda quiet days, as far as it can be quiet in Tokyo On Monday i went to disney land after only 3 hours of sleep. I walked around there but it was 38 degrees in the shadow and over 90 Minutes que on every single thing to ride so after 30 minutes of waiting and still 90 to go i gave up, walked around abit and went home :P I fell asleep at 5 in the afternoon and woke up at 2 pm the next day, so 21 hours of sleep hehe.. I guess i needed it. Yesterday und today was spent shopping in some other parts of tokyo, and i know feel more comfortable taking the underground, metro and train. Now im in my room, gonna pack and go to bed early, my plane ist going tomorrow at 12 and i need to get out at 8, so it will be a long day tomorrow. But im looking forward to get back to quiet little austria <3 So long - Maria

20.8.14 12:29


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Lars Flikkeid / Website (20.8.14 13:02)
God reise hjem igjen.

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