A 10 Hour trip

So yesterday i wasnt able to blog in the evening, i was so tired after spending 10 hours outside. I couldnt sleep in the night so after 3 hours of sleep my alarm clock rang, and i had to get up. I got some breakfast in the hotel and studyed for half an hour before i started my journey. My plan was to go to the zoo and afterwards shopping. And so i did, after 2 hours in the zoo i got on my way to shop, but finding out after half an hour that its not much more to see where i live so i googled "where to shop in tokyo" and got an adress. After finding the rigght station i took the underground to it, and finally after looking at some map and asking people i found it. Now the shopping began and i walked around for some hours. Then i wanted to go home, and it was harder then i thought. The trainstation was full, and with full i mean really full! I was standing for more than 15 minutes looking at my map when 4 girls came to me and asked me if i need help. Obviously i looked confused hehe.. So i said yes and they told me i look at the underground map and this is the train station, well that will not really work. After googling on their mobile phones, faster than any european could, they told me where to go, and 5 minutes later i was sitting in the right train, very happy! Well back in the hotel i skyped with my family and wrote a mail, then i studyed for abit and i was to tired to write. I was planning to go to disneyland this morning, but as you can see it didnt happen. I am so exhausted after the day yesterday so i will go tomorrow instead and chill out today Its many new things and experiences and its exchausting some times. So this morning i slept long, gonna study abit and then go shower and go out! Already looking forward to my daily ice cream So long - Maria

17.8.14 07:28


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