A new day....

After waking up at 14.00 abit confused i went to take a quick shower, put on some clothes and went out. First i listened to some music on my mp3 player and i started walking. Here they have a train that hangs in the air, hard to explain, and it went by over me and all the kids in it waved at me, so well i waved back. Im like the only white person here. Today i have seen alot of people and maybe 2 other white people. So people stare, waves and look at my hair. So I saw these stairs which i thought id take a look at and when i got up it was a huge park with a lot of people. Here you could go into the zoo which i will do tomorrow and also walk around looking at artists drawing people, awesome trees etc. Then i saw an artist balancing things and i sat down under a tree and watched him for a bit. It was so amazing looking at the small children, all with big eyes, sitting still for almost 30 Minutes just watching him. The children here are so polite! Most europeans can learn from them! So after the show i walked to the train station which was in the center where i was yesterday. I went to a cafe, bought what i thought was a drink but was ice cream, but it tasted so good so i think i have to go back there! I sat down for some moments, then after eating i had to go to the toilet. Im not gonna go in details here but the public toilets all have seat-heating and automatically shower for -you-know-what. Pretty funny! So then i had to find a adapter for my computer so i could use it today, and today i brought the cable and it was a lot easier that way, i got it in about 5 minutes Then i walked around the rest of the day for about 5 hours shopping. Its funny because yesterday i thought they were selling umbrellas everywhere because it rains, but today i saw that they were using umbrellas for the sun aswell, so it all makes sense now. I even got myself a snoopy-umbrella. You know, i love snoopy! Buying some gifts today for my mom, my boyfriend and even a cute little thing for my brother-in-law who is 1 year old! They have a lot of funny things here, and so much i would have brought home if it wasnt to heavy, like stuff for the appartment. Well i used alot of money today, but i also got a lot of nice stuff and didnt spend more than i had for todays budget so Things i learned today: -The italians and even the austrian are better in making pizza than the japanese -The people are exrtemly polite, like 1000 times more than in austria, which i didnt think was possible. -Its mummi, snoopy, hello kitty EVERYWHERE -Fridays are obviously a day to shop, not thursdays, the streets were full! -Its actually possible to find a shop with clothes for people with normal sizes (which might be a special shop for japanese, who knows), which means i got new tshirts, pyjamas and even 2 dresses! So well back in the hotel i have webcammed with my boyfriend for almost two hours, then i studyed for a while and now wrote this blog. I think there is soon time to go to sleep, even tho ive only been awake for 9 hour. Tomorrow im gonna go get a shave-ice.. :D So long - Maria PS: its not possible to get a space in between, i tried everything, so im sorry its a wall of text!

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