TOKYO 2014

So i was asked by my mother if i will write a blog during my travel to japan. First i said no, but then i thought, why not? Im gonna write it in English, because then you norwegian and austrians both can understand what im writing Problem solved! So tomorrow morning the journey starts from Vienna, going to moscow and then a 10 hour flight to Tokyo - Japan! For those who dont know, im going alone, so i guess it will be time for blogging! With me i have my good companion - my Sony Z1 compact who will help me taking photos to share with you! So, now i have to pack the rest and get to bed! See you soon -Maria

12.8.14 20:22


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Lars Flikkeid / Website (12.8.14 21:40)
Have a nice trip to Tokyo. I am looking forward to read your blog.
/ Dad

Ann-Elin / Website (12.8.14 23:17)
Gute Reise / God tur!

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