So i need to write this pretty fast as i only have 20 minutes left on my battery. So i have arrived in tokyo, and it was not all easy, but well im here First i arrived at the airport, i exchanged money and got a way better price than in vienna. Then i had to take the train. It was like a high-tech train, tho here in Tokyo it seems like all information are only on japanese, what makes it a little bit hard to move around. Well after some bad english from me and even worse from the staff working at the trainstations i got to my endstation and now the hotel should be just ..... 3 minutes away.... Well i walked, and i walked, and i walked, and it was raining and my white top got more and more wet and you could see my black bra *nice* not... Well after getting sent in every direction i finally met a woman who drew me a map and i got to the hotel! At the hotel i had to wait for an hour before i could check in. Well, in the room at 15.00 i slept for two hours. I was falling asleep waiting for the check in, so this was necessary.. After waking up i thought i have to go to the city to get an adapter(?) so i can charge my laptop and phone. After getting a map i started walking, and 15 minutes later i was in the middle of the centrum. I went to an electrical shop, where they also didnt know what to sell me, and after explaining 10 people what i need i finally got it. I thought! After getting back in the hotel i found out it only works for my phone? So thats why im writing this in a hurry! So, i had to get something to eat, and since it was still raining i went, all wet, to mc donalds. I didnt want to search around at the first day. Afterwards i went to the first supermarked i saw, selling umbrellas. I dont know if its like always raining here or something because they sell umbrellas on every corner!? Then i thought id look around a little. The streets are full, its posters everywhere, i dont understand a thing. What i did find out: -They have the cutest little kittens and puppys selling them in baskets in an petshop! -The shoes here only go in sizes like S, M and L, and L is to small for me -Clothes for women looks all like what we europeans think japanese look like. Every girl skinny, beatiful, makeup and hair done with two ponytails, one on each side. In small skirts and cute Dresses. So clothes shopping can also be abit difficult here hehe.. Well i found a Legging today in sale, and thats about it... -When going into a train or subway the men let the women go in first and wait until every women is inside :O -Dont buy burgers you dont know at mc donalds :D it does not taste all the same! And well, now im back at the hotel, will take a rest, write an email and then ill go to sleep. Tomorrow awaits another day, but since i dont have any battery left on my computer it will only be getting to know the place tomorrow! Im sure i forgot alot to tell, but ill remember again i guess. So long - Maria

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What am i doing??

i asked myself this morning when i woke up! Now im sitting at the airport, boarding is in 50 minutes and im eating something. Im not really hungry but i know myself and im sure i wont eat what they serve und the plane So, the day started with some drama.. already? yes! So since i poorly planned my vacation, it was also to late to get japanese yen in the banks in time, so they told me to go to the exchange at the airport. So i did. And after paying 84 euro only to get the euro to yen and then getting a bad rate what made my 1500 euro to 1200 euro, i felt abit down.. Its still alot of money but still, alot of money lost. So i called my mom, asking what to do and she told me to go back and try to get the money return and so i did. I dont know if it was my Karma helping me AGAIN or if i was just lucky but he took the money back and now i have 1500 euro again and no yen. It stress me abit that im going there without the right money but im sure it will solve itself. Gonna get some yen at the airport in moscow or in Tokyo and then i will have to go to the bank the next day. So, after solving that problem, running back and forth at the airport i just boucht a slice of pizza-bread and a orange juice, paying whooping 14.15 Euro for it! I mean, thats like norwegian prices! But, it tasted good, and im pleased so i will just go on treating myself good and try to enjoy the time im gone. But, what am i actually doing? hehe.. Ill try not to freak out as i step into the plane! Atleast i get a seat near the window Ill add some pictures too, of me and my food. And well see if i get stopped easier at the security control now that i have dreads, i mean the world isnt accepting people as who they are, they are still judging by how you look! So long - Maria! ps: and for you julian, im not flying over the ukrain, so dont worry

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